Welcome to HospitALL

HospitALL started off a year ago. The plan was to change the game in the healthcare industry of Pakistan by making it more accessible and efficient for the general consumers. We present ourselves as the solution providers, teachers and leaders. Each of our team members bring in a diverse way to look at the healthcare industry, its issues and potential solutions. Our aim is to not only benefit the consumers but each and every stake holder that includes medical care providers, professionals along with healthcare consumers, regardless of what walk of life they are coming from. Our purpose is to develop our healthcare industry in pace with the development of Pakistan. We strive to provide timely response and much needed aid in any emergency situation.


Billing Management

HospitALL helps the corporate manage their employee medical budget. Our solution, furthermore, aids the corporate to plan their yearly medical budgets.

Electronic Medical Record

HospitALL aids the consumer in collecting and managing all their health and wellness data from a single screen. This includes keeping all your lab reports, invoices and prescriptions in one safe and private place.

Employee Health Management

HospitALL aids corporate to maintain and manage their employees’ medical records and analyze their health to assure productivity and smooth work flow throughout the year.

Medical Claims Management

HospitALL has come up with a solution of paperless claims. Our system is efficient and effective with real time updates about the claims procedure.

Patient Support Management

HospitALL helps consumers access the right medical service when needed and make sure that they receive best health practices in their vicinity.

Friends & Family Management

HospitALL helps you take care of your friends and family even when you are on the go. We connect our consumers with their families even when they can’t be around.

App Features

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  • Immediate Medical Service

    Using healthcare mobile application health experts can provide instant treatment to the patients.

  • Fix Appointment

    You can schedule your appointment with doctor anytime using the app.

  • Transparency

    The app makes allow doctors to leave a tremendous effect on customer experience.

  • Digital Offering

    Doctor on demand cost can be high when you meet personally but this is the great way to use healthcare application to get free services.

  • Medicine Record

    Such feature will be happily appreciated. The possibility to perform any kind of calculations automatically will save their time a lot.

  • Test Results

    It is so handy to store all test results on a specific patient in one place. It is easy to keep data safe and to search for it whenever you need it.

Available on Google Play

That’s always something you look for in a healthcare centre.