Dear Valued Potential Partner,

Throughout our organization we follow a philosophy which rewards, and nurtures work ethic, where everyone is committed to our principles of care, cure and support. We believe in engendering a mindset change that is geared towards preventative care.

As partners, we offer you a platform to collaborate with us on this vision and help bring real change in healthcare. Our aim will be to provide you with influx of potential clients that you will turn advocates for your services.



HospitALL connects the right patients to medical care providers. We make sure that we provide your patient with the right information and assure that the patient is ready to start their healthcare journey with you the day they enter the facility for consultation.


Patient Management

HospitALL makes sure that your client data is being effectively managed. Our team works hard to assure that your client’s healthcare journey is an efficient one, with timely follow-ups and health check-ins.


Data Management

HospitALL’s solutions help you manage patient’s data efficiently. We also provide access to patient’s medical history and allergen information so all medical procedures and medicines can be suggested accordingly, without having a negative impact on their health.


Medical Mishaps

HospitALL’s wide data base and precise information about the patient’s medical history has been designed to eliminate medical mishaps that may occur otherwise. We strive to provide medical service providers with the right information related to each particular patient.

Our Offerings


Target Ad Spend & Adverstising

  • Leveraging Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube
  • Posts & Animations will be specifically designed for your services
  • Targeted Google Ads & Call campaigns
  • Channel Management, Content Management and Channel Optimization.

For Lead Generation:

  • Targeted ad campaigns both on Facebook, Instagram and Google to generate quality leads
  • Assist your brand in establishing a lead nurturing mechanism
  • Optimized campaigns regularly to improve ROI

Social Media Community

  • Online community management with a highly interactive social community
  • Fans/followers will be replied in a timely fashion
  • Engaged fans would be identified and valued
  • Ensuring that followers feel welcomed and valued at online communities and become brand advocates

Awareness Programs

  • Featuring blogs and whitepapers on your treatments and procedures
  • Regulate animated snippets of your procedures and guidelines
  • Designing and sending email shots
  • Frequency and timing will be optimized to get the best results


  • Content will play the most crucial role in the digital strategy. Content will be
    customized for each platform; however, it will follow the overall strategy
    and aim towards achieving the key objectives.
  • The content for each platform will be divided into the following categories:
    1. Viral/Engaging
    2. Informative
    3. Lifestyle
    4. Updates
    5. Product Push

Building patient trust requires a strong backup of testimonials from previous patients. At HospitALL, we proactively plan out recording and collecting patient experience data.

Following the platforms we use.

  • Video Testimonials
  • Online Written Testimonials
  • Interviews

How It Works