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An Array of Health Options

HospitALL offers an array of health options to choose from, according to the need and the affordability of the user. Our endeavors are focused to bring you the best, and is all about fostering health and happiness in the digital age.

One of the highlights of our services is the ‘Medical Concierge Card’ which is nothing short of a one stop solution for all your healthcare needs. Our unique process enables us to provide you services using cutting edge digital technology.

Through this card, there are a great many benefits that will be offered to you, providing you the prime health care.

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Introducing the Service of
24/7 Personal Health Assistant

The usual issue faced by patients is the restricted medical health available, or lack of prompt and efficient health services. To cater to this rampant issue, HospitALL has introduced the service of 24/7 personal health assistant which will provide timely services to the users.

Once you are the card holder, your medical records will be organized and managed through our medical record manager. This will help keep a track of your medical history and will cut down the hassle for you to a great extent. Likewise we offer the services of the ‘Medical Case Manager’ which tends to operate along the same lines, and will provide the doctor with your prior medical reports and tracks. This will help you save up on an adequate amount of time and cost.

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Concierge Card

As a user you will not be limited to a particular health center or clinic, and will have an access to a number of clinics who will be linked by our system. Hence, you can enjoy the medical services of more than one clinic if need be.

The health services that will be provided through this card will not be limited to you solely, but the health benefits will also be extended to your immediate family. We will look after not only you, but also those who you care deeply for. Also, you and your family will be provided the services of home blood sampling, hence, we are bringing health-related services to your doorstep!

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HospitALL Analyzed
AI & ML Algorithms

Furthermore, you will be provided mental and physical fitness guidance by our experts who will impart knowledge on you regarding the hidden secrets of a healthy living. You will also be given the global medical second opinion, for all the cropping health issues, especially those which require immediate attention. Along with this, you will be provided Smart wearable for Real-Time monitoring; recording your complete physical exertions.

In addition to this, your medical history will be analyzed through AI & ML Algorithms, and you will be able to avail the exclusive discounts on lab service.

Lastly, by being a user of the Medical Concierge Card you will be eligible for baseline tests, twice a year. Along with this, the user will be provided with high-end Post Op / Discharge care. As we earlier mentioned, premium quality and care is our focal objective!