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One Stop Solution

HospitALL is a one stop solution for all your health problems. To make sure that what we deliver is nothing short of what we promise, we keep brainstorming and researching to find every nook and corner within the health sector which requires working and needs to be filled.

Every user has his/her own distinctive needs, and we try to cater them accordingly. We have placed great importance on customer satisfaction, hence, it is our primary goal, and to achieve it, we strive to deliver not just excellence but also the product which is most relevant to the user.

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Manage your Medical

HospitALL proudly announces its premium product ‘ClaimsALL’, which is developed for our corporate users. No more dealing with your medical claims by paper or by paying endless visits. Through this product, the user can process the claim by minimal hassle using their phone.

You can easily submit and manage your medical claims with our innovative application. You will have far greater control over the claims process anytime and anywhere through this innovative product. In addition to this, you will have access to these features at a single tap.

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HospitALL Claims

  • Information related to the Policies
  • Information regarding the Claims and their status;
  • ClaimsALL Emergency Assistance;

Hence, to put it simply, the user will be entitled to a number of benefits; easy processing, less time-consuming, paperless amongst a list of great many others.