Words We Live By

Humanity is making its way back as a societal norm in healthcare. Today’s patient is an informed patient, hence the healthcare industry needs to pivot towards being patient-centric. As patients grow more receptive to alternatives and advanced procedures, doctor-patient conversations have become increasingly focused. Technologies are also transforming the dynamics of the healthcare industry and drawing insights from patient data.  Geographical boundaries are fading away and patients have gained access to local and international procedures making health economies a global endeavour.

Ayub Ghauri

CEO & Founder

Ayub Ghauri

CEO & Founder HospitALL

About Us

Changing the game in the healthcare industry, HospitALL makes healthcare more accessible and efficient for general consumers. Our aim is to not only benefit the consumers but each and every stakeholder; Medical Care Providers, Professionals and Healthcare Consumers. The long term goal is not just to create systems but to make them robust and sustainable as well in order to assure longevity.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team consists of a core team of highly motivated and talented individuals, monitored by an experienced group of Directors.

Board of Directors

Naeem Ghauri

CEO/ Global Head of Sales NETSOL.

Najeeb Ghauri

Chairman & CEO NETSOL.

Shahid Burki

Retired VP World Bank/ Former Finance Minister Pakistan

Shahid Najam

Chairman Burki Foundation / Former Senior Management of UN in Turkey & Tanzania.

Core Team

Bilal Javed Ghumman

Head of Innovation & Technology

Hassan Chattha

Head of Business & Strategy

Komal Ali

Head of Service Delivery & Management

Zara J. Mirza

Head of Marketing

Our vision for the future revolves around revolutionizing the healthcare space, we predicate our vision on two key principles.

First, we aim to create a structured and streamlined process that paves the way for convenience for both consumers and businesses.

Secondly, it is imperative that we create a mindset of growth, this entails perennially looking towards the future and exploring avenues of development in the healthcare industry.

A growth mindset involves challenging yourself at every hurdle and consequently, forging a productive and focused approach. By creating a platform that cares, cures and supports we aim to establish a healthcare ecosystem that is efficient, result oriented and forward thinking.